Bautis Financial is a wealth management firm based in Montclair, New Jersey. We protect and enhance the wealth of affluent families. It is our mission to provide affluent families with comfort and peace of mind so they can focus their energies on what matters most to them: their families, their businesses and careers and the charitable causes they pursue with passion.

Our wealth management approach combines exceptional customer service with proven investment strategies for an even better tomorrow. We take the time to understand your plan and value the relationship we form together. Within our partnership, we welcome you to ask questions, discuss changes of course and to monitor the progress of your portfolio at any time.

Latest Podcasts

Agent of Wealth Podcast – Episode 3

Your 2018 Year-End Financial Checklist: Part 1 Do you wait until April to look over your finances? If so, you’re not alone; most people wait until spring to do a review. But there are financial matters that need to be taken care of by December 31st. Today, Marc Bautis is kicking off a new mini-series […]

Agent of Wealth Podcast – Episode 2

#2 – Six Threats to Your Retirement There are unforeseen risks that could knock your retirement plan off course. In today’s episode, Marc Bautis will help you better prepare for retirement by walking you through six potential risks. Explaining each risk in a way that is easy to understand, Marc discusses: Account for inflation as […]

Agent of Wealth Podcast – Episode 1

#1 – Introduction to Marc Bautis, Wealth Manager and Founder of Bautis Financial August 30, 2018 Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Agent of Wealth podcast. It’s time to learn all about your host, Marc Bautis, wealth manager and founder of Bautis Financial. Marc discusses why he’s adamant about providing client education, why he’s […]