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Bautis Financial’s in-depth, personal approach to financial advice and guidance empowers you to make smarter financial decisions and achieve your goals more confidently.

It’s about anticipating needs, mitigating risks, and eliminating distractions to keep you moving along the right path.

We take the time to genuinely understand your goals, values, and concerns; develop strategies to amplify and preserve your wealth; and then put your plan into action.

Latest Podcasts

How to Start Decluttering Your Home – With Maria Diaz – Episode 30

It’s easy for people to become overwhelmed with clutter. Things pile up and become a burden to deal with. But when you have specific guidance, decluttering — and even just starting the process — becomes much easier.  In this episode, Marc Bautis welcomes guest Maria Diaz, owner and founder of Order & Ease, to discuss […]

Tax Planning: Not Just a Year-End Event — With Kenneth Lam, CPA – Episode 29

With the end of the year fast approaching, you might be starting to think about your tax situation. But as you will soon find out, it’s best to do tax planning year-round.  In this episode, Marc Bautis welcomes guest Kenneth Lam, the CPA, CEO, and founder of CPA Tax & Financial Planning, to discuss ways […]

Why Medicare Parts A and B Aren’t Enough with Victoria Finlay- Episode 28

A lot of people with Medicare wrongly believe that having only Parts A and B will be sufficient. With open enrollment period in full swing, now is the time to make adjustments to get complete coverage. In this episode, Marc Bautis welcomes returning guest Victoria Finlay to uncover why Parts A and B don’t cut […]