Wealth Management

Bautis Financial’s in-depth, personal approach to financial advice and guidance empowers you to make smarter financial decisions and achieve your goals more confidently.

It’s about anticipating needs, mitigating risks, and eliminating distractions to keep you moving along the right path.

We take the time to genuinely understand your goals, values, and concerns; develop strategies to amplify and preserve your wealth; and then put your plan into action.

Latest Podcasts

Here’s How to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement – Episode 33

Considering that the human life expectancy is ever-increasing, are you confident that you will have enough money to last you through retirement? In this episode of The Agent of Wealth Podcast, Marc Bautis explains how a retirement income plan works to project how much income you will need through retirement. Marc also shares his best […]

Knowing Your Numbers for Retirement – Episode 32

Are you on track for your retirement? Knowing your numbers and understanding what they mean can help you make any adjustments that are needed for you to reach your retirement goals. In this episode, Marc Bautis walks you through the important numbers and ratios that you should be aware of as you’re saving for retirement. […]

Why We Use the Factor Investing Strategy – Episode 31

Not so long ago, it was only the big institutions that had access to all the pertinent investing information, but nowadays even the small investment firms can say they are playing at the same level. In this episode, Marc Bautis explains the history of investing and portfolio management along with how and why factor-based investing […]