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Bautis Financial’s in-depth, personal approach to financial advice and guidance empowers you to make smarter financial decisions and achieve your goals more confidently.

It’s about anticipating needs, mitigating risks, and eliminating distractions to keep you moving along the right path.

We take the time to genuinely understand your goals, values, and concerns; develop strategies to amplify and preserve your wealth; and then put your plan into action.

Latest Podcasts

How To Use ESG Investments In Your Portfolio

How to Use ESG Investments in Your Portfolio Do you want your investments to align with your personal values? If so, you may be interested in socially responsible investing! In this episode of Agent of Wealth Podcast, Marc Bautis explains socially responsible investing and how to use environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments in your […]

Agent of Wealth Podcast – Episode 20

Episode 20 – Adding Real Estate to Your Investment Strategy Should you be investing in real estate?  In today’s episode, Marc Bautis breaks down what investing in real estate involves and the benefits of adding it to your investment strategy.  In this episode, you will learn: The main reasons to consider incorporating real estate into […]

Agent of Wealth Podcast – Episode 19

Episode 19 – Benefits to Knowing Your Business’s Value Now — With Guest Jason Early Do you know how much your business is worth? You deserve to know your business’s value throughout its entire lifecycle, not just when you go to exit. In this episode, Marc Bautis speaks with guest Jason Early, chief revenue officer […]